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Specialists in Multiple Varieties/SKU’s

Digital Vs Flexo

The capabilities of the durst digital printer really do surpass traditional printing methods when it comes to printing labels for brands that have many different varieties.

Traditional methods have the additional costs of negatives and plates which increase the price considerably, the process is lengthy and not practical for businesses that have multiple varieties of a product.

Large Print Runs

Our Flexographic printers come into their own for clients with long run lengths or labels needing an all over tint.

Having both options complements our business so that we are able to offer a vast array of printing options to our clients large and small.  We are able to provide labels on rolls, sheets and cut to shape.

Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves in the service that we provide to our clients. Running any business at times can be stressful and no one ever wants to turn away extra work when it comes along. We always do our very best to push through all our prints and especially urgent print runs. The quicker we can get your labels to you the better for us too. We can lower your outgoings by providing small and large quantities. Whatever suits your business needs.


We only use materials from preferred suppliers here in Australia.  We do this to ensure our quality is never compromised. We have high standards and QC in place.

Fact: To date our largest multiple SKU run was for 106,000 labels consisting of 67 SKU’s.